Counselling Korner
Supporting you with Mind, Body and Soul; with Talking Therapies, Human Design and Somatic Therapy

Talking Therapy

Person Centred and Psychodynamic Counselling

Human Design

Modern Genetics meets Ancient Wisdom. Create a Human Design Chart and learn the roadmap to living your most fullfilled life

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy can treat any deeply rooted negative emotion stored in the body by treating the bodys reaction to the trauma.

Birth Trauma Therapy

This is a 3 Step REWIND Therapy. The technique that I use releases the feelings associated with a traumatic birth so when you do look back and think about your birth you no longer associate negative feelings around it.
Hi! My name is Seema Barua
I am a BACP Registered Counsellor, Human Design Reader and Somatic Practitioner
I am a Person Centred and Psychodynamic Therapist. My counselling approach is Person Centred, which means that I aim to create a safe, positive environment for the client so that they can live up to their potential for personal growth. My counselling technique involves using Psychodynamic Counselling, a form of in depth psychotherapy aimed at getting to root of the problem through bringing unconscious thoughts and feelings to conscious awareness. My counselling method also includes using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, (CBT) Tension, Stress and Trauma Release Exercises, Motivational Interviewing and Life Coaching techniques. I work using an Intercultural approach, and always taking cultural and religious beliefs and values into consideration. I Offer therapy in 3 different languages; English, Hindi and Punjabi

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